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Table of Contents

Briggs, Charles F. (Charles Frederick), 1804-1877 [1839], The adventures of Harry Franco. Volume 2 (F. Saunders, New York) [word count] [eaf025v2].

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The Adventures of Harry Franco, volume 2: A Tale of the Great Panic . . .

Front Matter Front matter Covers, Edges and Spine Preliminaries Title Page Main text HARRY FRANCO. — CHAPTER 1. Get settled in a genteel boarding house. Grow sublime. CHAPTER II. Magnificent Prospects. CHAPTER III. Bright and pleasant. —On the high road to riches. CHAPTER IV. A change, Mr. Dooitt turns out to be any thing but a gentleman. CHAPTER V. Meet with no less than two old acquaintances under very peculiar circumstances. CHAPTER VI. Verifies the old saying, it never rains but it pours; I meet with another old acquaintance. CHAPTER VII. Contains a Ballad. CHAPTER VIII. Gain employment CHAPTER IX. Contains the particulars of a commercial operation. CHAPTER X. The mystery of the suspicious letter cleared up. Meet Georgiana De Lancey at a tea-table. CHAPTER XI. Is short, and of no great importance. CHAPTER XII. Georgiana's Conversion. CHAPTER XIII. Love and Religion. CHAPTER XIV. Encounter my Cousin at a party. CHAPTER XV. Letters from Home. CHAPTER XVI. A Crisis. Making love. CHAPTER XVII. Almost a murder. CHAPTER XVIII. Political. CHAPTER XIX. The effects of speaking in public. CHAPTER XX. Tears and smiles. CHAPTER XXI. Arrive at New Orleans, and meet with an old acquaintance. CHAPTER XXII. The beginning and the end of my operations. CHAPTER XXIII. The great change. CHAPTER XXIV. Arrival at New York, and departure therefrom; with many other matters. CHAPTER XXIV [sic]. A Storm and a Wreck. CHAPTER XXVI. The last. Back matter F. SAUNDERS, BOOKSELLER AND PUBLISHER, THE AUTHOR'S GUIDE. Now ready, one vol. neatly bd. Back matter

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